Market Linkage :
We have recently organized the FARMERS AWARNES PROGRAME FOR MARKET LINKAGE with RELIANCE FRESH at Village - Mangodi, Motachiloda, Gandhinagar, and Gujarat. With the help of this market linkage program the farmers will be able to sell his/her farming product in direct market after this the farmer will get benefited towards economical and employment prosperity.

The most and biggest benefits from this activity is to “Strive to reduce unemployment and Migration of Indian Farmers“.
Farming Activity / farm Visit :
We are motivation the farmers towards productivity by demonstrating the farming activity.IUF always strive to motivate the farmers to improve his/her productivity by demonstrating the product in actual Farm of farmers.
Laborites :
IU foundation ,will going to plan to take the help of well-equipped molecular biology laboratory facilities of INDOUS BIO TECH PVT.LTD for identification of parental lines from hybrids, genetic purity tests and screening for genes of interest using molecular markers technology.
Field, Post Harvest and Seed Testing :
IU Foundation, is also helping the farmer regarding the field activity that which soils is suitable for which crop in this segment IUF will be provide totally farming soluation like how to prepare soil hoe to make DHARU how to planting and also providing the post harvest activity to improve production figure.
Training and collaboration :
IUF, would actively take-up the training of seed producers and farmers pertaining to the maintenance of parental lines (foundation seed) and production of hybrid seeds. IFU would work with various renowned national and international seed researchers, agencies and policy makers. IFSPA would convene workshops and seminars for assimilating and disseminating the information regarding recent advances in the field of MAS, hybrid research and seed production etc. IFSPA would also take-up client-oriented research endeavors aimed to resolve specific problems.