Registration of The Membership of Trust :
Any person /organization who wish to be a member of the concern trust for this they should pay a membership fees of Rs.101/-.after paying such fees the member would be known as a "Life Time Member“ of said organization and no need to pay any fees for renewal of such membership.
Any person or organization who wish to enter in trust as a Annual Member for this they would have to pay fees of Rs.51/-as a for annual membership, after completion of this period the concern member will require to renewal its membership after paying again 51/- or fees decided by executive committee on that time .
Any person / organization desires to be a member has to fill up the prescribed application form duly signed providing all the details and has to submit the copy of village format- 7 &12 and 8A of the land he is holding and the copy of his ID proof and then after the fees for the membership will be accepted
Termination of Membership :
A Member shall cease to be a Member of the Association as follow :
If, by letter addressed to the Secretary he voluntarily resigns Membership and pays all debts due by him to the Association ; or
If he is found guilty by a Competent Court of any offense involving moral turpitude; or
On failure to pay debts due to the Association after his name has been posted for non-payment under sub-clause 6(i) hereof; and
If he is adjusted as an insolvent or becomes of unsound mind or in the case of the company or corporation or firm upon dissolution of winding up.
Compliance with Rules and Regulations and Decisions :
All Members shall be bound by the Rules and Regulations and decisions and By-laws which may be made by the General Meeting or the Managing Committee of the Association from time to time pursuant to the powers vested in it by this constitution.
Annual Fee :
Members shall be liable to pay to Association such Annual Fee as may be decided by the Managing committee from time to time.
Register of Membership :
A Register of Members shall be kept in which shall be set-forth the names, occupations, nationalities and addresses of the Members for the time being and the date on which a Member is admitted or ceased to be a Member as also all other changes relating to changes in Membership particulars from time to time.

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