The Indo US Foundation is a non-profit organization for public benefit,
Objective of this foundation is to bridge the gap between rural and urban India and is driven vision "Farming should be best and best choice of Farmers “ seeks to achieve this by focusing on supporting marginal farmers who are plagued by constraints of low farm productivity and increasing natural resource degradation..
IU FOUNDATION promotes sustainable agriculture practices to safeguard farmers against the volatility of monsoons and the markets. The farmers are educated in these sustainable practices through demonstration by various farms visit.
IU Foundation has embarked upon providing Information Services. Information Services aims at capacity building of farmers, fisher folk and micro-enterprises for better livelihood security. Information Services will provide timely advisories on climatic conditions, water and weather related risks, methods of handling pests and diseases and sharing of better farming methods and best practices.
The Foundation was established in under Indian Societies Registration Act.1860 and Public Trust Act. 1950 , by the Chairman, Mr. Jagdish D. Ajudia, winner of Excellence in Economic Development Award 2011 for quality Excellence in 2011,All India Achievers Foundation 88 Award and Krishi Vigyan Seva Kharif award 2010 for his distinguished services of high order in the field of agricultural development, seed related activities, trade and economic activity.